Acupressure Mat for Pain Relief, Tense and Stiff Muscles

During the stressful times and especially if you live under chronic stress you tend to tense a muscles especially in shoulder area. Your muscles can repair and rebuild damaged muscle fibers when at rest. But your permanently tense muscles do never get a chance to rest and relax, or the intervals of rest are too few and too far between. This may lead to chronic aches and pain.

Pain is stress per se, which means that the stress response and body’s production of adrenalin, cortisol and noradrenalin never ceases. In addition, the level of oxytocin decreases, causing sexual desire to decline or disappear altogether. When oxytocin levels are reduced, levels of the harmful stress hormones are raised and the vicious circle starts.

Pressure from the spines on the Acupressure mat activates the body's own production of endorphins - "natural painkiller" hormone and oxytocin - "feel-good” hormone, and we experience pain relief.

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