What is Acupressure mat or nail bed | Kuznetsov Applicator

Acupressure mat or nail bed or spike mat is a product based on the Indian tradition of a bed of nails. The bed of nails is an ancient tool with its roots in Indian mysticism. With its origin, dating back thousands of years, the bed of nails is a well tested tool for healing the body and releasing emotional, physical and mental blockages, used for relaxation exercises, meditation and yoga.

Nowadays it is not the wood and iron nail variety used by Hindu fakirs, but instead a modern variation that usually consists of a light foam rubber pad, covered in cotton sacking and embedded with small, hard plastic disks with sharp little spines or spikes.

The first use of the nowadays version of the Acupressure mat called Kuznetsov Applicator was invented by Ivan Kuznetsov in Soviet Union in the 1980s. In the late 1990s, with the spread of liberation following the failure of the Soviet Union Acupressure mats began to be popular in a wide range of former Soviet Block countries and beyond.

Today the popularity of Acupressure mats are spreading worldwide with their use sweeping across Scandinavia, Western Europe, America and Australia.

This popularity of Acupressure mats is explained by their extreme simplicity and fantastic effectiveness. Unlike most drugs, relief is usually immediate.

There are dozens of different types, sizes, modifications and names of the acupressure mat. Following terms are used to mean the same: Tibetan acupressure mat, Acupressure mat, Shakti mat, Spike mat, Pressure Relief Mat, Swedish Acupressure mat, Fakir mat,Yantra mat.

Acupressure mat sessions may improve your overall well-being, especially if you’re stressed out, experiencing insomnia, have muscle tension, stiffness, tension headache, back or neck pain, or simply need a better and more complete sleep and rest to obtain more daily energy.

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Acupressure mat for Stress relief

Acupressure mat is an innovative and effective method that is ideal for both stress relief and stress prevention. It is your simple to use personal health device.

When we experience psychological, physical or inflammatory stress, our bodies increase production of the body’s stress hormones (adrenalin, cortisol and noradrenalin). 

High level of stress hormones especially cortisol levels impairs the immune response, raises blood pressure and blood sugar level, negatively influences metabolism, and results in muscle tension, aching muscles and joints. In addition, we become more sensitive to pain.

The Acupressure mat can be a solution to the vicious circle of extensive stress hormone production. 

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How Acupressure mat works

Acupressure mat works by applying non penetrative acupressure on numerous points over an area of the body. 

Pressure from the spines on the mat activates the body's own production of two substances: endorphins - "natural painkiller" hormone and oxytocin - "feel-good” hormone. 

Endorphins relieve the pain and give a sense of physical well-being, while oxytocin help relax and wind down.
Endorphins are among the brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. 

Stress and pain are the two most common factors leading to the release of endorphins. However, when the body is out of balance due to chronic stress, it often experiences an endorphin deficit. Then it needs help to fight stress. 

During the Acupressure mat session the endorphins (hormones of happiness or "natural pain killers") are released. Endorphins are effective in blocking pain and producing analgesia and a sense of well-being. With high endorphin levels, we feel less pain and fewer negative effects of stress. 

When levels of oxytocin rise, the levels of stress hormones in the body fall. Damaged or worn tissues are repaired and new cells grow where they are needed. Our pain threshold is raised, blood pressure falls, worries and anxieties decrease, sexual desire increases and we optimize our body’s performance and durability instead of manipulating it. Our body returns into physiological balance and we feel relaxed. 

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Shahti Mat

Shakti Mat TM - The Original (Orange) - (nail bed, spike mat)
Orange The color orange imparts energy, satisfaction and warmth. It is the color of our sexual chakra called Svadisthana and is thought to help correct imbalances in this chakra. The orange color is commonly used by yogis due to its positive effect on the consciousness as it promotes an open and more accepting mind.

Acupressure Mat for Pain Relief, Tense and Stiff Muscles

During the stressful times and especially if you live under chronic stress you tend to tense a muscles especially in shoulder area. Your muscles can repair and rebuild damaged muscle fibers when at rest. But your permanently tense muscles do never get a chance to rest and relax, or the intervals of rest are too few and too far between. This may lead to chronic aches and pain.

Pain is stress per se, which means that the stress response and body’s production of adrenalin, cortisol and noradrenalin never ceases. In addition, the level of oxytocin decreases, causing sexual desire to decline or disappear altogether. When oxytocin levels are reduced, levels of the harmful stress hormones are raised and the vicious circle starts.

Pressure from the spines on the Acupressure mat activates the body's own production of endorphins - "natural painkiller" hormone and oxytocin - "feel-good” hormone, and we experience pain relief.

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Acupressure Mat for Relaxation

You can also use the Acupressure mat for pure relaxation.

Use it when you find it difficult to wind down, or when you are feeling stressed and anxiousness. Try using the Acupressure mat before going to bed to help you fall asleep more easily and helps with insomnia.

Regular use of the Acupressure mat will help you relax and create a quicker self-healing process for your body, both physical and mental. 

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Acupressure Mat Wellness and Wellbeing Benefits

Regular usage of the Acupressure mat may provide many positive effects towards your well-being.
As a result of regular usage of the Acupressure mat you may achieve following benefits:
  • · Reduced pain, including backache and tension headaches
  • · Decreased muscular tension and stiffness
  • · Stress and anxiety relief
  • · Strengthened immune system
  • · Improved blood circulation
  • · Decreased inflammation
  • · Increased metabolism and mental clarity
  • · Lower blood pressure
  • · Increased energy levels and decreased chronic fatigue
  • · Improved sleep, especially stress induced insomnia
  • · Deep sense of relaxation

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